Raw Black Amber & 14k Gold Adult Bracelet

Raw Black Amber & 14k Gold Adult Bracelet


7 inches.


Our Baltic Amber jewelry is beautifully handmade, comfortable, lightweight, and radiates energies of peace and calm. Wearing the jewelry will help boost your immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. Amber jewelry has been a source of traditional healing passed on for many generations and are widely used and treasured as an unparalleled alternative medicine with proven health benefits.

Amber is as old as time itself, dating back millions of years. And yet, it is still believed in today and used for its magnificent healing power for treating joint pain, arthritic ailments, and teething pain for children. Baltic amber has been a natural and traditional remedy for teething discomfort for hundreds of years. The jewelry comes in a variety of warm colors and carry the significant healing and analgesic effects of natural amber to remedy pain and create comfort for all.


We have created this special statement bracelet to include three 14k Gold Filled beads to add a touch of glam to your natural lifestyle.  We hope you LOVE them as much as we do!